Up until 8 years ago when I understood more about how my body works from studying nutrition, I suffered terribly with poor immunity and debilitating periods. I was constantly sick, and it usually tied in with my menstrual cycle. Not only was I dealing with terrible periods, I would inevitably develop a throat or sinus infection at the same time and end up on antibiotics. I was constantly feeling anxious. PMS would last for about two weeks and I had a painful period for about a week, so I was feeling human for only 1 out of 4 weeks a month! I was also diagnosed with PCOS in my early 30s.


Eight years on, I feel comfortable in my own skin, understand my body’s needs, and actually listen to her for the first time! I am pleased to say the constant illnesses and PMS are all in the past.

Perimenopause is a tricky time for women, and we are often juggling kids, elderly parents, a career, and relationships. We don’t often make time for ourselves!

Often my clients have exhausted the medical system by the time they come to see me. I combine my nutrition knowledge and experience of working with women just like you to help you to improve your energy, manage stress and anxiety better, lose weight, feel in tune with your cycle and regain your sparkle.

‘You have been criticising yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.’

Louise Hay

If you would like support to come home to yourself, prioritise self-care and nourish your body, you are in the right place. 

How It Works

A nutritional therapy consultation involves building a detailed picture of your diet, lifestyle, use of medications and supplements, medical history and health concerns. An initial consultation typically lasts 90 minutes, with follow up consultations lasting 60 minutes. We will explore your health issues through a detailed questionnaire, which you will fill in prior to the consultation. We will then discuss this during the first consultation before formulating a safe, effective and achievable health plan, to optimise nutrition and wellbeing.

Follow up consultations will be scheduled for approximately four weeks after your initial meeting, to monitor progress and re-evaluate the health plan, if required. I offer one-to-one consultations, as well as consultations by Skype. Couples trying for a baby are very welcome to attend together.