“I had been struggling with dizziness for a good six months to the point it was taking over my life. My energy levels were low, I couldn’t concentrate, and I constantly felt like I had a hangover (without drinking a drop I would like to add). The doctors sent me to have various tests and no one could really help me or diagnose what was wrong and just assigned me anti-dizziness tablets. Which wasn’t really the answer I was looking for.

I had met Deirdre at a networking event and asked if she could help me. After just a one-hour consultation she had answered so many of questions that different doctors couldn’t answer, and I felt like I was no longer going mad. Deirdre helped me to understand how my body works and how certain food and drink and an imbalance of hormones could be impacting my body.

I went away with some initial changes whilst I waited on further tests and within a couple of weeks my dizziness was almost non-existent. Backed up by test results I now know exactly what I need to do to prevent any dizziness in the future and it wasn’t all about my diet either. I can’t thank you enough Deirdre for getting to the bottom of my condition, something doctors didn’t even touch the sides with! I’m literally a new person.

A million thank yous!”



“After attending Deirdre’s Eating for Hormonal Balance talk, I decided to book a 1:1 consultation. Deirdre has a wonderful, professional approach, both considerate and understanding. As most women know the menopause symptoms are not the easiest to talk about, but Deirdre certainly put me at my ease.

Her knowledge is extensive, and after the initial consultation, I was given a way forward. After just 3 weeks I no longer have hot flushes and other symptoms have subsided. Deirdre, I am so grateful for what you have done for me, and so is my husband!!!!”



‘Through Deirdre’s sound, swift, effective and scientifically proven advice I feel so much better from a condition that rendered me unable to carry out the simplest daily tasks to being a reignited, revitalised and fighting strong individual for a much healthier and balanced future.

An absolute Gracious Transformation.

Thank you, Deirdre, for taking my situation seriously, providing practical and effective solutions, in addition to empowering me to take my health and future vitality into my own hands.

I highly recommend Deirdre Swede Nutrition for regaining health and working towards your nutrition happy goals (be it weight loss, fertility or chronic illnesses).’



“I attended Deirdre’s Eating for Hormonal Balance workshop a few weeks ago.

It was a very informative and enjoyable evening.

Deirdre has an incredible knowledge of all things nutrition and hormone-related.

Although the workshop had a focus on food and nutrition, it also provided a holistic approach to the regulation of hormones. I have tried some of the yummy recipes she provided and was inspired to be more mindful of the food both myself and my family are eating.

I would highly recommend a workshop or consultation with Deirdre.”



‘Had one of the best evenings ever at Deirdre Swede’s ‘Healthy Cooking for the Family ‘events.

As well as learning to cook an array of super easy, yet incredibly nutritious meals and snacks for my family, it was wonderful to see the actual preparation and enjoy a taster of so many new recipes!

Chatting with the other lovely parents and swapping stories and tips was the cherry on top!

Can’t recommend highly enough!’



“Deirdre is very knowledgeable about nutrition.

After experiencing a horrible skin condition which lasted many months and wasn’t responding to anything (I had tried everything!), Deirdre suggested some dietary changes. Within 2 weeks, things had dramatically improved, and after 5 weeks the condition had completely gone!

Deirdre really helped me through the process and recommended great substitutes to make the process much easier.

I am grateful to Deirdre and would recommend her to family and friends!”



“I have just taken part in the 21-day Christmas Party Fat Burner.

I went in with the goal of getting on top of my biscuit eating and chocolate snacking habit in a hope of shifting a few pounds to get back into my dress for Christmas.

I’m pleased to report goal achieved!

However, Deirdre has facilitated way more than this. The plan was easy to follow, I was not at any point feeling hungry and I didn’t feel deprived of my treats. The daily updates she posted were motivating, but also bite size chunks of knowledge inspiring me to learn more and understand my behaviour.

I have genuinely changed my thought process around food and have a far better understanding of the choices I make. I’m not saying it was all plain sailing; there were days when I wanted to sit and eat my beloved biscuits, but the group I was a part of were so interactive, particularly at the start that I felt I would be letting not only myself but others down so I stayed on track, the cravings passed and I learned that they were a phase.

When I did have a day where I dropped off the waggon, I learned it’s ok, don’t throw the towel in, look at all that has been achieved and get back up.

I’m really glad I signed up and although 21 days have passed, I feel equipped now to take what I’ve learned and continue.

Huge thank you to the group I was a part of. They were an inspiration and to Deirdre, thank you for sharing your knowledge in a way that never made any question seem stupid; you were approachable, empathic, motivating and inspiring.

If you are thinking of giving it a go I would say don’t think act now – tasty food and better habits are all waiting for you!”



“I found Deirdre’s recommendations on diet improved my general health and sense of wellbeing.

Her sound knowledge of the principles of nutrition explains how she can produce a detailed programme which is carefully tailored to the individual’s needs.

The programme that Deirdre offered me consisted of particular changes in diet and lifestyle that created the gradual overall improvement.

Her encouraging and supportive attitude during the programme led to the positive outcome I had hoped for.”